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Complete Automation

Complete automation which blends in with your space, working in the background to provide total comfort and convenience. Forget the days of multiple switch banks to set a scene or mood. Relax more knowing all the small details are taken care of automatically.


Transform your entire space by setting lighting to match your mood, or setting a scene to create an ambiance which is both comfortable and modern. Imagine having lights that can set the mood by simply tapping a switch or automatically adjusting scenes, colors and effects. We incorporate the latest RGBW lighting technologies to bringing you the perfect setting for any occasion, night or day.

London Ontario Home Automation

Zoned Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

Imagine a home that knows exactly what the right temperature is at any given time, providing you with both energy savings and a comfortable space to be in. In a Loxone Smart Home, these tasks are taken care of automatically by an intelligent HVAC control system which you set, and won't have to worry about until you decide. Using the latest damper and ventilator technology, Luminatrix is able to provide a comfortable and energy efficient environment in every room, small or large.

Security & Access Control

Whether you are sleeping, away or simply spending time at home, your home ensures peace of mind. Incorporating alerts and notifications automatically and ensuring the safety for you and your home or business. Keeping watch for dangers such as intruders, water leaks, or fire. In case of fire, it can even turn on lighting and exhaust fans automatically to help everyone reache safety. Imagine being able to turn the water on or off, on demand, remotely during the winter, all while on vacation.

Automated Blinds, Entertainment and more!

It is possible to control all aspects of your space, this includes blinds and shades which will work in unison with the HVAC and security system, to provide comfort and peace of mind. Multi room audio allowing you to enjoy your music in any room. Projector screens which lower and lights which dim to create any mood for any room or occasion. If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it.

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