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Luminatrix is your premier partner in true Smart Home and Commercial Automation.

Serving Southwestern Ontario, including London, Sarnia, Woodstock and all surrounding areas

A true smart building should be more than gimmicks, multiple apps and products which rarely work or communicate with each other.  This is why we have taken a unique approach to automating homes and commercial spaces, providing convenience and control.  A true smart solution should not have complicated control panels or switches. Instead it should work around you intuitively, with little to no input from you.


A smart home and commercial solution from Luminatrix aims to automate and simplify your life, by taking care of hundreds of tasks for you everyday. This allows you more free time and peace of mind for you and your family, as it completes thousands of tasks, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Luminatrix is dedicated to providing the latest solutions to meet and exceed our clients expectations. This is why we are your premier Loxone partner in the London, Sarnia, and surrounding areas.  With a Luminatrix installed Loxone system, your space will work around you and with you. This includes taking care of all lighting, security and HVAC controls, which save you both money and time to spend on other tasks.

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